What we do

G.E.I as a body is hinged on profiling entrepreneurial organisations based on integrity matrices adopted .

Orgnisation Authentication

Investigating the authenticity, integrity and track record of entrepreneurial institutions .

Regulatory responsibilities

regulates entrepreneurial institutions by giving entrepreneurs proper and accurate orientation of Entrepreneurial organisations

Entrepreneurial Networking

G.E.I mobilises entrepreneurial Institutions and networks entrepreneurs for mutual aggradisement

Legitimacy assurance

G.E.I is a platform Entrepreneurs come to verify the status of an entrepreneurial organisation for its legitimacy and track record.

Entrepreneurial information Repository

G.E.I gathers, processes stores and disborses information to entrpreneural bodies, entrepreneurs and other organisations that require it.

Standard Assurance

G.E.I is a standard assurance organisation that gathers information about Entrepreneurial organisations, investigates the validity of the information made available ny the organisation and ranks the entrepreneurial organisation based on findings

What people say about us

As a transparency body we are interested in what people say and think about us.

i like the idea of this organisation because i can easily know if a company is legitimate or not.

Allen Groznilev

well if their ranking is accurate its nothing to go un-noticed nice one

front office Dash studios

About Us

Global Entrepreneurship Institute is aimed centrally at coordinating and collecting data from various entrepreneurship organisations both internationally and locally. To give out correct statistic, high quality information, comprehensive reports and exciting stories about these organisation and in turn rate them based on our standards for the benefit of entrepreneurship.

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